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May. 1st, 2011

picture in a frame

⇒ Photo I : Accidental Video

[Video - the inside of a small house. There’s various dragon-type digimon milling about and its kind of noisy, but there’s a human boy sitting at a table, looking through a backpack that is presumably his. There’s a few things scattered on the table - a camera, some books, a few clothes. Some one else is holding his D-Comm currently.]

Smile for the camera, Daira!

I don’t want to smile...

Aw... I was trying to see if I could do anything like yours...


Your pictures! You’re really good!

[Daira looks up, glancing down at an open photo portfolio for a second as though he forgot he even had it sitting there. He goes back to what he was doing.]

Oh. You’re not gonna get a picture with a mobile.

I’m not? Darn. Maybe you can teach me on your camera?

[again, he stops, making a face that’s somewhere between sad and angry]

It was a gift from Papi... I don’t want anyone touching it...

Oh. Sorry... we should try looking for them.

We should. [he looks up, tilting his head curiously] That’s... got a camera on it, right?


… I think it’s recording video, Kairi.

... … oops! I hit the wrong button! Oh well, say something! You’re new here, you should introduce yourself!

[Daira rolls his eyes a little, reaching out to grab the comm. He looks at it for a few seconds before speaking.]

I’m looking for my parents... something bad happened to them and I wanna find them. Their names are Darten Voluge and Hiroyuki Morimoto. If anyone has seen them... please tell me...

[his eyes well up with tears again, and he quickly hands the comm back to his partner, hiding his face with his arm]

T-turn it off...



Mar. 24th, 2011

is it over yet?

How's My Driving?

This is a general HMD for an Original Character from an original universe - Daira Gillespie from Pareidolia Omniverse for digital_dive .

As he is an original character of my creation, I'm not too worried about characterization, but as always critique is welcomed and desired. Be nice, no flames, the usual.

.IC Contact. .Digital Dive.

"This is Daira..."

"And Kairi!"

"Leave a message. Thanks."
solomnly swear I'm up to no good

.App. .Digital Dive.

Name- JeniOctavia

LJ- jenioctavia

Email address- jenioctavia@gmail.com

AIM/MSN/YIM (optional)- jenioctavia

Character, series- Daira Cameron Gillespie, Paredolia Omniverse (original character/series)

Character journal- draw_with_light

Character type- Secondary - has a fairly minor part during the second generation arc near the end

Digimon partner- Babydmon -> Dracomon -> Coredramon -> Groundramon

D-Comm colours/symbol-

Imported from another RP?- No.

Character appearance- Daira is small for his age, with messy brown hair that he dislikes getting cut, big clear blue-gray eyes and a round face. His PB will be actor Arran Thomas.


Character age- 8 (birthday: March 15th, Year 98)

History ectCollapse )